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Welcome to Absolutely Free Vedic Astrology

The Author of this site is an astrologer by hobby. The purpose of the site is to provide all the Vedic Astrological calculations and Prediction free of cost. You may find many sites providing the basic calculations free but charge a handsome amount for predictions

Professional Astrologers may take the advantage to store the birth-details of their clients permanently in our database to get quick horoscope at any time. Being an astrologer if you find any error in calculation, please report to

The site is continuously growing, therefore each time you visit to see your predictions, you may find something new

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Vedic Astrology, The ancient knowledge from India!







There is no guaranty for the accuracy of the calculation. Approximate formulae have been applied. The accuracy is about 0 to 5 arc minutes. If you find inaccuracy above 5 arc minutes, kindly help us to resolve by sending mail to us at info@omgyan.com

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